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Bio-Research is a multidisciplinary biological and biotechnology journal published by the Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. We publish scientific reports on biological and biotechnology subjects in the form of original articles, reviews brief reports, and case reports.

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Sodium sesquicarbonate elicits oxidative stress in erythrocytes, liver and kidney tissues

Sodium sesquicarbonate also known as Sodium sesquicarbonate dihydrate (SSD) has been used globally for centuries in food and traditional medical practices. There is paucity of scientific information …


  Nwaigwe Chioma Uchenna, Udem …   Vol.21  No.3 - 2023

Effect of flamboyant flower (Delonix regia) powder on root knot nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita) infestation on tomato plant (Solanum lycopersicum) …

Plant Parasitic Nematodes (PPN) are regarded as one of the major challenges of sustainable tomato production in the world. Their control which involves the use of synthetic chemicals is being restric…


  Adamu Maryam Yahaya, Peter Ph…   Vol.21  No.3 - 2023

Histological and morphometric analysis of skeletal muscle in some vertebrates

The skeletal system is primarily driven by the skeletal muscles to produce kinematic movements. The study evaluates the histological and morphometric properties of skeletal muscle in Clarias gariepen…


  Manye Sunday Joseph, Dibal Na…   Vol.21  No.3 - 2023

Repellence of Aedes aegypti with oils from Citrus sinensis and Citrus paradisi fruit peelsi from Nsukka

Aedes aegypti spread yellow fever, dengue fever, Zika virus and Chikungunya that can be prevented through vector control. Chemical insecticides are resisted by vectors, harm humans and the ecosystem …


  Ugwu Francis Stephen Ogbonna …   Vol.21  No.3 - 2023

Palm wines as potential Aedes mosquito repellant

Globally, Aedes mosquitoes cause morbidity and mortality of dengue, yellow fever and other arboviral infections. There is no effective vaccine for Aedes transmitted diseases so mosquito control remai…


  Ugwu Francis Stephen Ogbonna …   Vol.21  No.3 - 2023

Antioxidant potential of ethanol extract of Annona muricata leaves and its inhibitory effect on lipid peroxidation in 1,2-dimethylhydrazine induced c…

Annona muricata, as it is scientifically called but known in most parts of Nigeria as soursop. A fruit tree with various therapeutic uses, the plant belongs to the family of Annonaceae and has severa…


  Olude Olayemi Mujidat and Omo…   Vol.21  No.3 - 2023

Characterization and antimicrobial evaluation of biomimetically synthesized silver nanoparticles using aqueous leaf extract of Morinda lucida Benth. …

Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are silver atom masses that are attracting widespread interest due to their diverse applications, particularly their activity as antimicrobial agents. Physico-chemical me…


  Egonu Sheily Nneka, Chukwueme…   Vol.21  No.3 - 2023

Outdoor cultivation of microalgae in a medium enriched with poultry droppings for biomass production

Microalgae require nutrients and optimal pH for good growth and metabolite production. Microalgae biomass has various applications in food and feed, pharmaceuticals, bio-energy, aquaculture, cosmetic…


  Ezea Ifeanyi Boniface and Ogb…   Vol.21  No.2 - 2023

A review of the antifungal activities of mint plant extracts against fungal isolates

Mint an aromatic plant is rich in essential oil and widely used for its condiment in foods. It has medicinal potential in traditional medicine. Fungi infection and its management can be challenging d…


  James Stephen Among and Ikani…   Vol.21  No.2 - 2023

Phytochemical status and antioxidant capacity of selected hot pepper varieties cultivated in Tanzania

Hot pepper is one of the most important economic fruits with abundant of nutritional qualities. Thus, the consumption of foods of plant origin with high nutritional and bioactive compounds of high an…


  Agnesia Petro Mweta and Steph…   Vol.21  No.2 - 2023

Effects of indole butyric acid and coconut liquid endosperm on rooting of Crateva adansonii stem

Indole butyric acid (IBA) and coconut liquid endosperm (CLE), two rooting agents, were tested in three concentrations to see how they affected the rooting of Crateva adansonii DC stem cuttings. 300 m…


  Nwankwo Maryrose Chigozie, Og…   Vol.21  No.2 - 2023

Ethnomedicinal and antioxidant potentials of some wild fruits of Shinyanga region in Tanzania

Wild fruits are potentially natural foods, healthy and economically important in our communities. Lack of data on the nutritive and medicinal values of the wild fruits leave them neglected in our com…


  Washa Bugalama Washa   Vol.21  No.2 - 2023