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Bio-Research is a multidisciplinary biological and biotechnology journal published by the Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. We publish scientific reports on biological and biotechnology subjects in the form of original articles, reviews brief reports, and case reports.

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Knowledge, attitude and practice of paramedics towards health care waste in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Healthcare waste causes environmental and public health hazards. This study assessed the Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of healthcare workers in Paramedical Centers in Port Harcourt Metropolis. A…


  Abah Austin Edache and Ogbonn…   Vol.22  No.2 - 2024

Mycofiltration of urban derived raw stormwater using Lentinus squarrosulus

The physicochemical and microbial attributes of storm water samples prior to and after mycofiltration was determined using routine methods. The preparation of the substrate was done by supplementatio…


  Obayagbona Omeregbe Nosa, Dun…   Vol.22  No.2 - 2024

The yield and purity of DNA extracts from seeds of eight six accessions of Treculia species using Zymo Research mini-prep DNA extraction kit

There is a need for the use of efficient DNA extraction methods that will yield good quality and quantity of DNA for molecular studies. Several commercial kits are available that are used in place of…


  Isuosuo Chinyere Chioma, Akan…   Vol.22  No.2 - 2024

Evaluation of phytotoxicity indicators of cowpea seed treated with selected botanical insecticides

Phytotoxicity is a major problem associated with the preservation of seed with synthetic insecticides. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the safety of some selected plant derived insecticid…


  Ewa Ogbonnaya, Agina Barthlom…   Vol.22  No.1 - 2024

Studies on the production of tigernut (Cyperus esculentus L.) in Southeastern Nigeria, II: Biochemical quality of tigernut in response to seven comp…

Part I of this series showed significant influence of fertilizer on the growth and yield of tigernut. This paper documents the effects of these complementary fertilizers on the nutritional quality of…


  Baiyeri Kayode Paul, Okonkwo …   Vol.22  No.1 - 2024

Studies on the production of tigernut (Cyperus esculentus L.) in Southeastern Nigeria, I: Effect of seven complementary fertilizer treatments on gro…

Tigernuts have so many food and medicinal potentials as it contains some amount of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Despite the food and health benefits associated with this tuber, its producti…


  Baiyeri Kayode Paul, Akachukw…   Vol.22  No.1 - 2024

Application of genomic studies in epidemiological surveillance: A mini-overview

The 21st century has already seen the emergence of several pandemics both in developed and developing nations, including the recent Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) pandem…


  Anekpo Chijioke Chinedu, Okpa…   Vol.22  No.1 - 2024

Safeguarding ecosystems using innovative approaches to manage animal wastes

Animal wastes (AWs) are excreta or discarded materials associated with animal production industries. It could be in solid, liquid, or gaseous form, such as animal dung or droppings, discarded feed, f…


  Okpaga Fredrick Oge, Adeolu A…   Vol.22  No.1 - 2024

Assessing microbial exoelectrogenicity for enhanced industrial waste water management and power generation

The quest for eco-friendly waste management and renewable sources of energy is rapidly increasing. Microbial fuel cell is promising form of renewable energy, which treat and convert organic matter in…


  Nwagu Kingsley Ekene, Ibeh Ad…   Vol.22  No.1 - 2024

Viability of probiotic lactic acid bacteria in Malay apple (Syzygium malaccense) during fermentation and storage

For lactic acid bacteria (LAB) to be considered probiotic it must colonize and survive the gut environment, also for maximum health benefits it must be ingested in a sufficient amount. Hence, this st…


  Osaro-Matthew Ruth Chiamaka, …   Vol.22  No.1 - 2024

Antiplasmodial activity, in silico ADME and mammalian cell cytotoxicity of a synthetic protoberberine alkaloid, coralyne

Coralyne is a synthetic protoberberine alkaloid with anticancer activity and selectivity superior to that of berberine, its congener. As berberine is gifted with antiplasmodial activity, this study a…


  Nekpen Erhunse and Dinkar Sah…   Vol.22  No.1 - 2024

Nematicidal effects of Azadirachta indica A. Juss (Neem) seeds on Meloidogyne species (root-knot nematodes)

The presence of bioactive substance in plant extracts with nematicidal activity on Meloidogyne spp can reduce crop damage in nematode control and to minimized the use of chemical nematicide which may…


  Danahap Luka Sambo, Ocheme Es…   Vol.22  No.1 - 2024