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Bio-Research is a multidisciplinary biological and biotechnology journal published by the Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. We publish scientific reports on biological and biotechnology subjects in the form of original articles, reviews brief reports, and case reports.

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Current Publications

Production of fuel ethanol from Vitellaria paradoxa fruit pulp by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation

Biofuels have become the world’s greatest, safest, cleanest and cheapest alternative to fossil fuels. Transport sector continues to receive influx of cars and general machinery every year worldwide …


  Abdul-Mumeen Idrissu, Zakpaa …   Vol.21  No.2 - 2023

Ready-to-eat food sold in healthcare facilities could contribute to the increased disease burden of multidrug resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Food sold in healthcare facilities and environments are underestimated as sources of exposure of customers to potential pathogens. In the current study, we investigated the prevalence of methicillin-…


  Omoruyi Iyekhoetin Matthew an…   Vol.21  No.2 - 2023

Biochemical profiles of pregnant women attending Gambo Sawaba General Hospital, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria

The hormonal and metabolic changes that occur during pregnancy promote the development and survival of the foetus. Pregnancy problems, however, might result from an imbalance in metabolic profiles. B…


  Joshua Zamani Pius, Ahmad Gar…   Vol.21  No.1 - 2023

Public and environmental health implications of artisanal petroleum refining and risk reduction strategies in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria

Artisanal petroleum refining (APR) is often the use of rudimentary equipment to process crude oil into different products. APR is rampant in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria and is often outside the b…


  Richard Glory, Izah Sylvester…   Vol.21  No.1 - 2023

The “Naked neck” gene and the adaptability of the native chicken to heat stress on station in Cameroon

The rational use of the native chicken genetic resource is seen a viable option for sustainably improving poultry meat production in Cameroon. This study aimed at assessing the potential of the Na ge…


  Hako Touko Blaise Arnaud and …   Vol.21  No.1 - 2023

Effect of the “Naked neck” gene (Na) on the growth of indigenous chicken fed with suboptimal feed rations in Cameroon

The effect of the naked neck gene (Na) was assessed on growth parameters of the native chicken fed with two suboptimal rations (R1 and R2), and one optimal ration (R3) from 6 to 16 weeks of age. A to…


  Hako Touko Blaise Arnaud and …   Vol.21  No.1 - 2023

Performance evaluation of secondary triploid Musa hybrids from in-vitro and ex-vitro derived propagules

This experiment was carried out at the High Rainfall Station of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Onne, Rivers State, Nigeria, to investigate if secondary triploid plantai…


  Victoria Wilson and Abdou Ten…   Vol.21  No.1 - 2023

Melıssopalynologıcal study of Apıs Mellıfera L. honey sourced from dıfferent localıtıes in the mıddle belt of Nıgerıa

Melissopalynological studies are useful to determine the floral contents and geographical origin of honey samples. The great diversity of plants allows bees to produce honey that is highly valuable t…


  Ikegbunam Nchedochukwu Clara,…   Vol.21  No.1 - 2023

Nutritional evaluation of formulated Arachis hypogea L. and Anacardium occidentale L. supplemented feeds in weaning albino rats

Malnutrition is still a serious public health problem in developing countries including Nigeria. This may be attributed to the deficiency of vital nutrients, especially in weaning foods for infants. …


  Shehu Shaaya, Auwal Idris, Ah…   Vol.21  No.1 - 2023

Production of gluconic acid from sweet potato peels using naturally occurring fungi by submerged fermentation

The oxidation of glucose produces gluconic acid, a significant organic acid. The aim of this study was to produce gluconic acid from sweet potato peels by submerged fermentation. Isolation and identi…


  Ajiboye Adeyinka Elizabeth an…   Vol.21  No.1 - 2023

Evaluation of the haemostatic potentials of aqueous extract of Hyptis suaveolens leaves in wistar rats

Hyptis suaveolens is widely used in ethnomedicine for the treatment of bleeding and wounds amongst a number of other ailments. This study investigated the haemostatic activities as well as the effect…


  Mokwenye Ifeoma, Ikewuchi Cat…   Vol.21  No.1 - 2023

Mediators of arrested development as attractive malaria vector control tools: The Azadirachta indica and azadirachtin routes

Insecticides are utilized as key components in agriculture and public health tool-kits. Mosquitoes are targeted using out/indoor insecticide sprays and treated bed nets to reduce malaria. These pract…


  Ugwu Francis Stephen Ogbonna …   Vol.21  No.1 - 2023