The In Vitro Permeability Study of Valsartan through Excised Rat Skin

The in vitro permeability of valsartan through excised rat skin was investigated using Franz-type diffusion cells. The permeation was assessed by studying the effect of water, polysorbate-80 and eucalyptus oil on the permeability flux of valsartan through excised rat skin. The slope of linear portion of the graph obtained by plotting the cumulative amount of valsartan permeated per unit skin surface area as a function of time provided the permeability flux. Of the vehicles studied, only 6.0 % w/v polysorbate-80 solution provided most permeation of valsartan through the rat skin as evidenced by the highest permeability coefficient of valsartan.

 C.J Mbah, C.O Nnadi