Studies On Some Nutritional And Toxicological Properties Of Mucuna sloanei

Proximate analysis of seeds of Mucuna solanei gave a crude protein content of 28.18± 0.25%, Fat, 4.31± 0.09%, Crude fibre, 9.60±0.05%, Carbohydrate, 53.75±0.28% and Ash, 4.19± 0.01%. Quantitative phytochemical analysis gave 2.78± 0.04%, alkaloids, Phytic acid 314±28mg/100g, Tannins 189.15± 0.21mg/100g HCN 195.75±9.55mg/kg, Flavonoids 1.95±0.07% and Oligosaccharides 23.93±0.05%. Anti nutritional studies revealed 67.38±0.10 Tui/100g as trypsin inhibitor activity, haemagglutinin contents 6250±14.14 Hu/100g. Bioactivity studies using brine shrimp, lethality tests gave an ED50 value of 3.98 µg/ml for ethanolic extract and 19.95 µg/ml for the aqueous extract. It is concluded that Mucuna Sloanei seeds if properly processed could have both nutritional and chemoprotective benefits to man and animals. Key Words: Phytochemical, antinutritional, Bioactivity, Mucuna Sloanei Bio-Research Vol.2(1) 2004: 24-28

 II Ijeh, SO Unaegbu, AO Anaga