Partial Purification and Characterisation of Carboxymethyl Cellulase from Bacillus sp. Isolated from Sugar Cane Baggase (SCB) Dump Site

Carboxymethylcellulase (CMCase) was extracted from Bacillus sp. isolated from sugar cane baggase dump site. The enzyme was partially purified using ammonium sulphate precipitation and Sephadex G-200 gel and characterized at various pH and temperature values. The optimum pH of the purified enzyme was pH 6.5 and its temperature optimum was 50oC. The Michaelis-Menten constants, Km and Vmax, of the enzyme using carboxy-ethyl cellulose as substrate were found to be 5 and 0.89 ╬╝mol/min respectively.

 K. O. Omeje, H. C. Omeje