On the pH and Osmotic Stress Tolerance of High Ethanol Tolerant Palm Wine Saccharomyces Yeast Isolates

Saccharomyces yeast strains Y13, Y522 and Y1189 isolated from fermenting palm wine juice showed marked differences in their optimum growth pH and possessed osmotolerance comparable to established industrial yeast strains. Shifts in medium pH beyond the growth optimum elicited obvious reductions in growth rate as depicted by the decrease in mean log growth rate (K) and influenced the response of the test yeasts to osmotic stress. Key Words: Osmotolerance, Ethanol tolerance, Osmotic stress, Saccharomyces Bio-Research Vol.2(1) 2004: 1-7

 BN Okolo, AN Moneke, CU Anyanwu, LI Ezeogu, GN Aligwekwe