Evaluation of the Effect of Acetylation and Oxidation on Some Functional Properties of Starch Isolated from Dioscorea dumetorum (Wild)

The starch extracted from the wild species of Dioscorea dumetorum were characterized for ash and moisture content, crude fibre, protein and fat. The modified starches were prepared by pre-treatment of the native starch with alkaline and acidic solution at room temperature prior to modification using hypochlorite for oxidation and acetic anhydride for acetylation. Effects of acetylation and oxidation on some functional properties of the starch were evaluated. Variations were observed in the functional properties of the starch as swelling power ranged from 10.3-10.9, solubility index 6.2-7.6% and apparent amylase content 16.05-21.02%. Oxidized starch showed higher paste clarity than the acetylated and native starches at pH 12. The paste clarity of both native and modified starches were found to be pH dependent. The swelling-power of the native and modified starches put them in the category of highly restricted-swelling starch

 U.I Agbo, G.E Odo