Diptera Community In The Littoral Zone Of A North East Arid Zone Lake (Lake Alau), Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria

Maiduguri, Nigeria, were studied between January and June 2002. Dipteran samples were collected every 2 weeks from five different stations. Five groups of diptera organisms simulidae, chironomidae, centrapogo nidae, culicidae and chaoboridae were found in analyzable numbers. The diptera assemblage was dominated by chaoboridae, followed by chironomidae with the percentage compositions of 30.01% and 23.01% respectively. Ceratopogonidae has the least percentage composition of 13.66%. Significant difference in family composition were found in the lake, with chaoboridae being dominant. Climatic regime and the season appear to be the important key factors controlling the distribution of diptera in the lake. Key Words: Diptera, Littoral zone, Lake Alau Bio-Research Vol.2(1) 2004: 67-74

 RT Idowu, NM Inyang, BO Mgbenka