Detarium microcarpium Bread Meal: It’s Physiological Effects on the Postprandial Blood Glucose and Insulin Levels of Healthy Non Diabetics Subjects

This work studied the effect of Detarium bread meal on the postprandial plasma glucose and insulin levels of healthy participants. The subjects of the study were ten healthy non diabetic male subjects who were fed two meals, an experimental bread meal containing detarium flour and a control bread meal made from wheat flour only. The test meals consisted of two small bread rolls, 38g of apricot jam (Robinson’s) and water to make a total meal weight of 400g. The available carbohydrate portion of the meal was 75g. The bread rolls contain 50g carbohydrate mostly in the form of starch. The jam provided 25g of available carbohydrate in the form of sucrose. The experimental breads rolls provided 5g of s-NSP as calculated from the nutrient analysis plus s-NSP from the brown flour. The subjects visited the metabolic kitchen twice a week after an overnight fast. All the subjects ate the two types of meals detarium and control bread meal in random order. The subjects were weighed and their heights were taken. A three days food record was kept to ensure adequate carbohydrate intake. Fasting blood samples were taken. Postprandial blood samples were taken from the subjects at 30, 60, 120, and 150 minutes from the commencement of the meal. The blood samples were analyzed for glucose and insulin levels. Data obtained were analyzed using ANOVA. The results of the incremental plasma glucose level showed a significant bread meal effect (Wilks’ Lambda 11.1 df 6 and 18; p=0.0049) and a significant time effect at (p=0.0129). The result showed a significant difference between the effect of the detarium bread compared to the control bread meal at (p=0.0008). The result also showed there was a significant difference for Detarium bread meal at 90, 120 and 150 minutes when compared to the control bread meal. ANOVA also showed a significant meal effect on the incremental insulin levels (Wilks’ Lambda 16.0; df 2, 18; p=0.0016) and a significant time effect (p=0.0230). There was a significant difference on the plasma insulin levels between the control and the Detarium bread meals (p=0.0022). Detarium bread showed a significant difference on the plasma insulin levels at 30, 60 and 150 minutes.

 UA Onyechi