Bioavailability Of Metronidazole From In Situ Gelling And Mucoadhesive Suppositories Formulated With Carbopol ETD 2020

Metronidazole containing granules were formulated with different quantities of Carbopol ETD 2020. The granules were sized and used for rectal suppository formulation using theobroma oil as the base. The suppositories were formulated by pour moulding and some in vitro properties such as weight uniformity, liquefaction time, absolute drug content, appearance, mucoadhesive strength and release characteristics were evaluated. The in vivo release of metronidazole from the suppositories was studied in rabbits. Results obtained indicated that this polymer could be used to achieve sustained release effect. The plasma concentration time plots also indicated that absorption of metronidazole from the mucoadhesive suppositories actually occurred in the rectum and that sustained effect was achieved. Key Words: Bioavailability, metronidazole, in situ gelling, mucoadhesive strength, and suppositories. Bio-Research Vol.2(1) 2004: 75-81

 AA Attama, MU Adikwu, O Okpi