Auxilliary Dry Binding Properties of Some Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils in Direct Compression Tabletting

The ability of some hydrogenated vegetable oils to act as dry binder in direct compression tablet formulations was investigated using an instrumented rotary tablet press. The effect of these widely used tablet lubricants was compared to Avicel® PH 102, a standard, dry binding excipient in direct compression tablet formulations. The effects of the hydrogenated vegetable oils on the hardness, friability, disintegration time and dissolution of tablets made from the direct compression tablet formulations were evaluated. Dika fat, Lubritab®, Sterotex®, Stearolac-S® and stearic acid improved the hardness and friability profiles of a model direct compression tablet formulation as well as ascorbic acid and aspirin-acetaminophen tablet formulations. Prolonged mixing had no deleterious effect on the properties of the hydrochlorothiazide, ascorbic acid and aspirin-paracetamol tablets prepared. The hydrogenated vegetable oils appear to be a good alternative to Avicel® PH 102 as dry binder in the formulations evaluated.

 JO Onyechi, OK Udeala