Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic activities of the ethanol extract of the seeds of buchholzia coriacea in experimental animals

The effects of the ethanol extract from Buchholzia coriacea seed on inflammatory response using fresh egg albumin- induced paw edema in rats were examined. Antinociceptive activity of the extract using writhing test with acetic acid-induced pain in mice and the antipyretic activity in yeast- induced fever in rats were also examined. Oral administration of the extract (at the dose of 400mg/kg and in a dose dependent manner) significantly (p< 0.05) decreased the paw oedema induced by fresh egg albumin in rats. The extract (at 400mg/kg) also significantly (p< 0.05) inhibited yeast-induced pyrexia in rats when compared to the control. The extract was also found to possess significant (p< 0.05) dose dependent antinociceptive response in mice at 800 mg /kg. The results support the use of Buchholzia extract for the treatment of inflammatory disorders.

 OC Enechi, FC Ibeafu, K Ledee, OFC Nwodo